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COURSES AND SESSIONS NOW AVAILABLE ON ZOOM  (You are still welcome to book an in-person session)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?
Fill in the application form on CONTACT page or get in touch with me on:
Tel: +61 419 113 621
Email: angelaburchardt1@gmail.com

Can I have a 1-off session or does it have to be a course?
You can certainly book a 1-off session either with me in person, or on Zoom.

What sort of questions do people ask?
It can be at different levels, including physically, emotionally, spiritually:
Life’s changes so much I don’t know what I need to do?
What are the best colours for my business?
What’s coming up in the future?
…. and many more!

To do the courses, do I have to have previous experience?
No, previous experience is not necessary. I recommend for most people to start with Colour Therapy & Meditation (CTM1), which is an introductory course to learn about the chakras/energy centres in the body and the influence of colour – it sets you up for understanding all of the other courses, eg. popular course Archangels & Colour (CTM6).

How long are the courses?
All courses are 8-sessions, unless otherwise advised.

If I want to visit you physically where are you situated?
I’m in a suburb just north of Perth, for both individual & small groups – consultations & courses. By arrangement I sometimes travel to do readings & consultations for groups.

If I want to book a course for myself, can I do it individually or does it have to be in a group?
Both options are available, both in person and via Zoom.

I see that you’re a Wedding Celebrant, do you do readings for brides? Couples?
Absolutely! If someone books a wedding with me they may get a free Colour reading! Conditions apply.

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Helping you to find the path to inner freedom and build a road map for the next stage of your life.

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